For several years Duygu was the editor-in-chief of Hard-workers for Evolution, a volunteer group for public outreach and education about evolution, founded in 2007. Among many public outreach activities of this group, the most important was translating the Understanding Evolution website by UC Berkeley from English to Turkish (Turkish website and blog).

If you would like to learn more about Duygu's public outreach efforts, here is an interview by the Society for Developmental Biology.


Duygu has participated in translations of several books written by Richard Dawkins from English to Turkish. 

- Magic of Reality: "Gerçeğin Büyüsü" (BDÖ as the editor). 

- Unweaving the Rainbow: "Gökkuşağını Çözmek" (BDÖ as the editor). 

- Climbing Mount Improbable: "Olasılıksızlık Dağına Tırmanmak" (BDÖ as one of the translators). 

- The Greatest Show on Earth: "Yeryüzündeki En Büyük Gösteri" (BDÖ as one of the translators).